What Kind of House?

Last updated: October 8, 2017 at 15:03 pm

house photoIf I put my foot in a shoe, it would be correct to say that the shoe “houses” my foot. The word “house” is a general word for any structure which gives shelter to someone or something.

We could say that a garage houses a car, or that a kennel is  a dog’s house. Almost everyone lives in some sort of house. There are millions of houses all across the country!

Therefore, when writing, try to be as specific as possible when mentioning houses. Specific words make your writing sharper and clearer. For example, instead of saying “the man built a house,” say “the man built a cottage,” or “the man built a mansion.” The words “cottage” and “mansion” are types of houses, but they paint a clearer, sharper and more accurate picture than the general word “house.”

Here are some examples of the types of houses and their meanings:

Cottage – a small, one-story house.

Hut – a small shelter with no amenities.

Mansion – a very large and luxurious house.

Igloo – a house made of snow by the Eskimos.

Castle – a large, luxurious mansion, fortified against attacks, usually occupied by members of the English Nobility.

Palace – A house in which a king, queen and their family lives.

Shack – a small house put together using improvised material.

Tent – a temporary or moveable shelter made of plastic, cloth or other lightweight material.

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