Parts of Speech: Triple Variation

Last updated: June 3, 2017 at 13:38 pm

rainbow photoI mentioned in some other articles on the parts of speech that it is never wise to brand any word with a “universal” part of speech. We only brand a word with a part of speech based on its use in a sentence. For example, in the sentence below, the word “house” is used in two different ways: first as a noun, then as a verb.

The house is large enough to house ten occupants.

Note: The pronunciation of each usage would vary slightly.

Of course, there are some words that can be only used as a single part of speech, but generally, there are lots of variations.

Triple Variations

Here are some sentences in which a single word is used in three different ways: as noun, verb and adjective.

  1. The paper which we use to paper our books comes from the paper factory.
  2. The woman from the paint department recommended this paint for us to paint out classroom.
  3. We cover our yearbook with a cover showing the school colors in the cover design.
  4. We have to iron out all difficulties in selling irons in our new iron business.
  5. If we let too much dust light on the walls, they will not reflect light since the color is light.
  6. Take your order forms so that you can get orders from people who order today.
  7. Each cut will be cut carefully in cut glass.
  8. The brown on the brown cakes is made by bakers who brown them in ovens.
  9. Nelissa rose and presented her friend with a single rose in a beautiful rose bowl.
  10. It is important to steel yourself against the intense heat when making steel in steel mills.

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