What Is Your Personality?

This page was first published on the 6th of June, 2016 and last updated on the 6th of June, 2016 by Patrick Carpen.

Do you have a "dynamic" personality? Photo Thanks To: http://www.freeimages.com/photo/skateboarding-1450772

A “dynamic” personality changes with its surroundings. Do you have a dynamic personality? Photo Thanks To: http://www.freeimages.com/photo/skateboarding-1450772

I was inspired to write this article after seeing a news story in the Kaieteur Newspaper where Lethem‘s young mayor, Maxine Welch, was accused of not having “the personality for the job”.

Have you ever heard the expression “he has a great personality” or “she has an effervescent personality”? And have you ever wondered “what really is the meaning the word ‘personality’?”

What kind of person are you? Are you mostly happy, sad, jolly, noisy or quiet? Or what combination of those qualities are you?

How do you greet people? Do you always smile, or do you hardly smile? Do you like to make eye contact? Do you go out of your way to help others? Are you happy when others are happy? Or do you like to make people feel miserable like yourself?

How do you react when someone gives you a birthday gift, or a father’s day gift, or a mother’s day gift? Do you hug the person, thank them and express your delight? Or do you just stand there, turn up your nose and say “ah you shouldn’t have”.

Are you a forgiving person? Are you an understanding person? Or do you hold malice in your mind for ages for meaningless things?

Are you a fair person or an unfair person? Do you value the efforts and the “labor” of others just as your own?

How do you say goodbye? How do you react when someone offends you? Do you speak loudly or quietly? All of these characteristics and behavioral patterns, and many more, make up your “personality”.

My Uncle Luke went to the lawyer’s office one day and told the people there, “all the money in the world cannot buy you what my nephew has: a great personality”. And it’s true, I do have a great personality. Do you?

A Person’s Personality Can Change

People’s personality change from time to time. Has someone ever told you, or have you ever heard someone say “you need to work on your people’s skill”?

People can improve their personality by developing an awareness of their surroundings and studying the nature of people. Often, people with great personalities are able to accomplish more and be more successful than people with poor personalities.

People with great personalities are able to convince people to see through their lenses better than those with poor personalities. People with great personalities are able to make more friends, strike more business deals and get farther in life than people with poor personalities.

Have you ever heard that someone is “stuck up” or has a “stuck up” personality. People who are “stuck up” are less likely to open a conversation with others or greet others first. People with stuck up personalities are not “good sport” and they do not make the environment friendly.

Being stuck with your personality.

Have you ever come home one day and got upset with yourself about how you reacted to a situation? Or thought that maybe you should have made your friends feel more warmth? Perhaps your personality causes you to appear less social, even though that was not your intention.

This happens to everyone from time to time. But like I mentioned, people’s personalities change from time to time. By hanging out with the right crowd, and listening to the right people, you can improve your personality over time.

Your Personality Can Be Influenced

Your personality was not engraved in stone. Like almost everything else in our world, it can change, and changes. And more than that, it can be influenced. Have you ever heard the expression “we become like the people around us?” That refers mostly to the personalities of the people around us. For these reasons, we should surround ourselves with people with great personalities. And isn’t this what everyone wants? When you observe and admire the “ways” of people with great personalities, you will eventually “adopt” some or all of their personalities.

No One Is Perfect

People could have personalities that are sometimes great and sometimes poor. Be careful when you are adopting the personalities of others. Try to adopt the good personality traits, but not the bad ones.

You can have two friends, they each have great personalities, but in slightly different ways. On top of that, each of them might have aspects of their own personalities that are not so good.

As my friend Rahab Stephens once said “life is like a camera: you focus on what’s important, develop from the negative, and if it doesn’t work out, take another shot”.

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