The Noun

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eifel photoThe noun is a naming word. Because there are so many things and ideas to be named in our existence, there are many kinds of nouns. We have proper nouns and common nouns. Then we have concrete nouns and abstract nouns. And the list goes on.

The two broadest categories of nouns, however, are the “concrete” and “abstract” nouns. All nouns must fall into one of these two categories of nouns. We will look more closely into these categories of nouns later. For now, let’s go on with our definition and explanation of the noun.

A noun is the name of a place, thing, person and idea. Names of places, things and persons are called “concrete” nouns. Concrete nouns are nouns that can be seen or touched. Names of ideas, such as “wisdom”, which cannot be seen or touched, are called “abstract” nouns. Abstract nouns are ideas, and therefore exist only in the human mind.

Proper Vs Common Noun

A common noun names something that not specific. For example, the word “dog” is a common noun. That is because there are billions of dogs in the world, and if I say “the dog is on the road”, you have no idea which dog I am talking about. The proper noun names a specific dog, example “Rover”. The proper noun, therefore, narrows down.

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