I Let You Fall – By Sara Downing

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I was honored that the publisher of “I Let You Fall” by Sara Downing contacted me personally via my email to ask me to write a review of this book. They had seen my earlier review of “Dear John: A Diary of a Passion.” The publisher sent me the PDF version of the book, and I read it completely in about 4 sittings.

“I Let You Fall” is written from the omniscient point of view by bestselling UK author Sara Downing. Filled with suspense, mystery, and magic, the plot kept me mesmerized until the very end. When a school teacher, Eve, who is the main character in the story, gets into an accident, she loses consciousness for many months.

When she finally wakes up, her boyfriend had deserted her, one of her sick students had finally gotten a kidney transplant and had returned to school, and she met a strange man whom she knew she was about to fall in love with.

But the supernatural events which took place during those 8 months while Eve was in a coma magically ties the beginning to the end of the novel. “I Let You Fall” explores a theory of out-of-body experiences in such intricate details that you would be tempted to think that it is all too real. I let you fall is a story of heartbreak, love, mystery, suspense, failure, triumph, and most of all, the mysterious power of fate.

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