What is Wisdom?

Last updated: October 24, 2017 at 13:55 pm

galaxy photoThe words, “knowledge, wisdom, understanding and intelligence” are closely related. That is because someone who possesses one of these qualities is likely to also possess the others. But at the same time, each of these words has a slightly different shade of meaning.

This article deals with “wisdom.” The bible tells us that wisdom “cries from the hilltops.” That probably means that it is available to everyone who seeks it.

Wisdom is the ability to understand how people think and how the world works. Wisdom is also the ability to read the signs of nature, as is demonstrated in the bible verse: the wise sees the danger and stay back, but the simple go forth and are taken.

Wise people are easily able to determine right from wrong, and choose the right path. Wisdom gives a person the ability to act appropriately in all situations.

In the bible, there is the story of the wisest mortal man to have walked the earth. His name was Solomon. Solomon became king over Jerusalem when he was a teenager. God spoke to him in a dream and told him to ask for any gift. Solomon responded that he was a young king and would like wisdom to rule God’s people wisely. This answer pleased God. God told him that He would give him the full dose of wisdom in addition to richest, honor and long life, because of his virtuous request.

Not too long after, an event unfolded between two women that would demonstrate King Solomon’s wisdom. Two women gave birth to children. One of them accidentally slept on her child and killed the baby. She then stole the live baby from the other mother while she was sleeping, and put her death baby in its place.

Upon awakening, the woman who had been wronged realized what had happened, and took the matter to King Solomon. But the woman who stole the baby and put her dead baby in the place denied ever doing so.

How was Solomon to know who was telling the truth? How would such a problem be solved? Here is where King Solomon’s wisdom would be demonstrated. He said to his servant, “bring a sword and cut the live baby in half. Then give one half to each mother.”

Upon hearing this, the true mother exclaimed, “no, leave her with the child!” But the false woman said, “yes, that’s a great idea!”

That response made King Solomon realize who was the true mother of the live baby, and he ordered that the baby be returned to her.

King Solomon was wise enough to know that the untrue woman would agree to such a request, and the true mother would not. This proves that he understood how the human mind works, and, particularly in this story, how the minds of women work.

Being wise means seeing clear as day the truths of life.

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