It All Depended On Us To Defend Our Country

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Write a short story inspired by the following line:
“It all depended on us to defend our country”.

The President came on air to address the nation. “The crisis is very real. The danger is very real. The future of this great nation lies in the hands of you the people and our armed forces. I the President of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana call on you to join forces with our military now”.

The journalist then came on air. She started to speak, “As of the last fifteen minutes we have received word that President David Granger has moved one hundred thousand troops, 20 gun boats, 15 tiger tanks and 50 long range rocket launchers to the border with Venezuela. Since last night at least five Venezuelan fighter jets have invaded our country’s airspace. By all indications President Maduro is preparing for an offensive against Guyana. Stay tuned for updates.”

It’s the oil they are after, I thought. But they already have so much, and still they are greedy for more. Word has just been passed that Venezuelan soldiers have assaulted civilians in the North West District of Guyana. The President came on air again. He declared a state of national emergency. He announced the immediate passing of a law that gives all Guyanese the right to bear arms. “Defend yourselves, defend your country.”

Just then a loud explosion was heard far away. The TV screen went blank. The sounds of war planes roared overhead. I ran to the nearby ammunition store. The whole country was in a state of frenzy. I loaded a machine gun. I lay down in a corner. I waited. I heard the sounds of heavy boots and foreign voices. I was determined to do my part.

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