Creating Suspense

suspense photoSuspense is a writer’s craft used in literary works, especially fiction, to keep readers hooked. A story with a good dose of suspense will keep the reader intrigued to the very end. The reader will be curious as to what will happen next and “not be able to put the book down.”

Suspense is often used by the writer of the short story. A good suspense story hooks the reader from the first sentence. Consider the following example.

When I pushed the door open, there was resistance – as though someone was behind it pushing it back. But as I swung it open with great force, I saw no one and nothing. As I stepped inside, the floor creaked eerily under my feet. I looked around for light switch, still asking myself why I had come in there.

As I stepped further, something touched my head and I screamed awkwardly, brushing my hands about in panic. But it was only spider web. Then I heard a ghastly sound coming from the other room.

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