Composition Writing: Dream Job

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This exercise gives students of English an idea of how to write expository compositions through example. As the title suggests, you can be dreamy. You can be a bit unrealistic, but not too much. Remember, your composition may be fiction, but it must border on reality. You composition may be a bit funny, but not exceedingly hilarious. This composition is also a good example of how to write in the present tense.

Write an Expository Piece No Less Than 700 Words, Explaining A Day In Life Of Your Dream Career

At 5 O Clock in the morning, my eyes pop wide open. I feel relaxed and energized after that long sleep of 8 hours. My alarm clock is set to 8:pm, because I need to get to work by 10, but I wake up before it.

What a beautiful day! The sunshine brushes my lovely face and the wind passes over me from my open window as I just sprawl in bed, thinking of all the wonders the day would bring.

I know where I am headed today: to Florida: the sunshine state. I pick up my phone and run through my messages. Yes! Another sale has been closed without me so much as lifting a finger.

I get up, eat a light breakfast, shower and put on my best clothes. I head for my car. The drive is about four hours, but it’s a pleasure trip on these roads and with this sports car. The amount of gas I would burn exceeds about 200 USD, but the profits I would make from this sale exceeds 20,000 US. What a deal! I couldn’t ask for anything more in life. And what would I do for the rest of the day?

As I veered my car around Lincoln’s Avenue, I see Miss. Alana Semple in her designer’s suit, standing by her car, waving at me. I pull over. She hugs me and shakes my hand.

“Thank you for giving me this offer!” she exclaims.

“No problem Miss Semple, you’re my best client, you know that!”

I take out the keys to the new house which I am selling to Miss Alana Semple. We both walk inside. I show her the sitting room, the dining room, the hallway, the back and front verandah…. She is awestruck. She sighs in wonder. Then we go down to the pool. We sit down and have a chat.

“As it is your house already,” I tell her, “you can go inside and make us both a nice cup of juice.”

“Sounds like fun,” says Miss Angel.

She goes inside and comes back out with two large glasses of juice. We spend the next half hour drinking and talking about what our next business moves would be.

Then we realize that the bank will close at 2:pm. We look at our Seiko wristwatches and gasp. We get up in a hurry. In fact, we spring to our feet. We have to catch the bank before it closes, so that Miss Angel can pay me and we can close the deal.

As we approach the gate, the debate of whose car to go with comes up. “Come on I’ll drive you,” shouts Miss Semple.

I agree. We could get lost in traffic going with both cars, and arrive at different hours.

I hop into the car, in the front seat next to Miss Alana Semple. The wheels skid on the driveway as she takes off, bores the traffic and hits the main road. As we approach the junction, the traffic lights start to blink. In three seconds, we would have to stop and wait for a next five minutes. But Miss Semple steps on the gas and flies past just a few seconds before the red light comes on.

We pull up at the bank entrance. The guards recognize us, their most valued customers. They press the button and the electric gate slides open. We enter the compound and park in the special VIP section. As we look once more at our Seiko wristwatches, we see that we are one hour early.

“Why did we have to rush it?” I sigh.

Then Miss Semple reminds me, “we like to be early.”

We go into the bank. The bank teller signals us to bypass the long line and come to the special section reserved for their most important customers.

She has a big smile on her face.

“Hello,” I smiled.

“Hello Patrick,” the teller smiled back, “it’s so nice to see the two of you again, you know you are the bank’s best customers!”

Miss Semple writes the check of 7 million US dollars and gives it to me. I deposit it right away.

Then I think to myself, “with all this profit in one day, I do not need to work for the rest of the year.”  And I ask myself “why do I need to work tomorrow?”

Then I remind myself that I love my job so much. I can’t wait to go to work again tomorrow.

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