How to Write on Title: A Day I Will Never Forget

Last updated: September 29, 2018 at 21:59 pm

remember photoDuring their high school career, students are often to asked to write a short story with the title: A Day I Will Never Forget.

Normal everyday experiences are easy to forget. That is because they vibrate at low frequencies in our minds. Can you remember the time you bought a bottle of soft drink on a cloudy afternoon about three years ago? Maybe, maybe not.

But there are some things that stand out in memory. These things are easy to remember, and some difficult to forget. That’s right, there are some days we will most likely “never forget.”

These are days in which we have experiences that create a high frequency of vibration in our minds.

When writing about a day you will never forget, here are some possible scenarios to choose from.

Sadness: Death, saying goodbye, loss of something.

Natural Disasters: Hurricane, tornado, earthquakes, volcano, floods, etc.

Happiness: Received something, such as an exceptional birthday present from parents. Got a promotion or the job of your dreams. Met a new family member.

Man-made Disasters: War, building collapsing, accidents, etc.

Embarrassing experiences: What could this be?

Now read this story which I helped one of my English students, Rosemary, to write. It is entitled “A Day I will never forget, and I revolves around the theme of “sadness.”

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