The Simple Subject

We know that a sentence is made up of two main parts: a subject and a predicate. Look at the sentence below:

1. The restless child ran all over the yard. 

Obviously, we are talking about “the restless child”. So all the words in red above together make up the subject of the sentence. What did we say about the restless child? We said that the restless child “ran all over the yard”. So then, “ran all over the yard” is the predicate of the sentence.

Let’s look at the sentence again:

The restless child ran all over the yard.

The words in red make up the complete subject, but really, the underlined word is the most important of them all. The other words in red are part of the subject too, but they only give more meaning to the most important word “child”. The most important word in the subject part of the sentence is called the simple subject.

In the examples below, all the words in red make up the complete subject, and the underlined word in red make up the simple subject.

The big black eagle sailed effortlessly in the air.
The stupid boy grabbed the dog by the ear.
The smart child likes to read.
The people next door are really silly.

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