Modifiers in Action

Last updated: May 14, 2018 at 18:24 pm

paint photoAs you may have learned already, two of the eight parts of speech are called “modifiers” because they modify other parts of speech.

For more information, refer to “the modifiers.”

The modifiers are:

  1. The adjective: modifies nouns in a sentence.
  2. The adverb: modifies adjectives, verbs and other adverbs.

Modifiers give clearer, more expressive meanings to the words they modify. Here are some modifiers in action.

  1. Every circus must have funny clowns to make people laugh.
  2. Wild tigers and lions roar angrily.
  3. The huge trunks of elephants swing slowly.
  4. The monkey in the cage chatters noisily.
  5. Clever acrobats swing daringly on the trapeze.
  6. The band with their red and gold uniform march as the trumpets blare loudly.
  7. The jockey rides the white horse fearlessly.
  8. At the sound of the bells, the dogs run merrily.
  9. The stands sell lemonade and peanuts to the hungry crowd continually.
  10. The exited audience cheer frantically and applaud merrily.

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