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This page was first published on the 25th of July, 2015 and last updated on the 2nd of May, 2017 by Patrick Carpen.

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Often in life, getting people to see things from our perspective is critical to success. Sometimes, it is the only way forward. The fact remains that two people often look at the same thing and see two completely different things. This is because all people are different: unique in their own special ways.

It brings to mind a story that happened about ten years back as friend of mine and I were driving along the East Coast Highway. We were discussing business ideas for the country of Guyana. I had in mind to set up a factory that would make use of the vast coconut resources in the country of Guyana. Something along the lines of soap was ideal. The weather was cloudy and it created a beautiful atmosphere. During the conversation, I pointed to the thick stretches of coconut trees to our left, and I said to my friend with glee in my eyes “see…look at that!”

He turned to me, not understanding what I was getting at, and said “lots of rain coming, eh?”

I didn’t reply. From previous conversations and experiences, I knew that I was flogging a dead horse.

But what if I had written an essay trying to convince my friend of the importance of exploiting Guyana’s agricultural resources and potential? And what if I had explained my views on the abundant coconut resources. Perhaps my friend would have finally understood.

Good writers make use of persuasive essays to get their points across. Because two people who grew up on opposite sides of the fence of life often collaborate for important projects, the power to write and speak convincingly should not be underestimated.

Recently, a traveler from Australia, Aidan, and I decided to put our heads together and write a series of books on countries and traveling. We both had two different ideas. We were excited about the same thing, but from two different standpoints. I had to convince Aidan to see things through my lens. At the same time, I wouldn’t want to risk offending or turning him off – which could cause him to lose interest entirely on the project. And at the same time I needed to listen carefully to what Aidan had to say – with the possibility of subscribing to his views.

I wrote:

Hello Aidan,
My first idea was to create something like a “countries of the world” factbook. I know there are quite a few of them already on the market, but competition is healthy and needed for growth. If one company controls the entire market share for any particular niche, they can do whatever pleases them, without having an “answer” to anyone.
Bear in mind that before Facebook, there was MySpace, and many other social networks. It’s all about building a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door. And don’t forget there are so many different brands of cars, lawn mowers and just about every useful thing: for the same reason: competition is important for excellence.
If you want to go in this direction, you have the advantage of being an author who is also an “authority” in the field of traveling and countries. Imagine being able to recommend your book to your students, and your geography and social studies department.
Plus, with all the contacts you already have, and all the contacts I have, our abilities to convince schools to use the book in their curriculum is extravagant. But that’s not all, just about anybody in the world will want to get their hands on a book like this. Remember that I already have a knack for exceptional work and excellence, and I don’t stop until I reach perfection. 
On this note, my first children’s book “Angela’s Lost Turtle” is set to become a worldwide sensation. Almost everyone who has seen and held the book rages about it. Arrangements are being made to market it worldwide, and almost “everyone” is willing to help.
We could have the same success with our “Countries of the World” factbook, don’t  you think? My idea is that we will start simple. We won’t include too many maps, if any at all; just two or three pictures for each country, and a picture of the country’s flag. 
This could be your first book, which will establish you as an authority in the field of nations; and set the stage for success for your upcoming, more personal and fun books. 
However, if you feel more passionate about starting with your personal adventures in the different countries, and you think your friends and associates would more appreciate such a book, please tell me your ideas. I’m willing to work with you speedily on this too. We could make the title “Countries of the World: Aidan’s Adventures”; and we could have volume 1, 2, 3, etc. 
Even launching such a book first could help with more educational books if you choose to write them in the future. 
But remember that researching a factbook for  all the countries of the earth will not only draw from your present knowledge, but will greatly increase it, and could greatly aid your travels in the future. Imagine, writing a book to help others that help you at the same time! What could be better?
Have you looked at the present countries of the world fact book? Do you feel a need for improvement in any areas? We could be the ones to do it. 
Please consult your innermost thoughts, and get back to me on which idea you feel most passionate about.

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