The Humans Speak Different Languages

There are about six billion humans on the planet earth at the time of this report and they speak more than two hundred different languages. For example, one set of humans speak French and another set speak a language called Dutch.

The humans of the same language cluster together and form countries. Humans who speak Dutch, for example, form Dutch speaking countries, and humans who speak French form French speaking countries.

Languages are forms of speech. For example, in the English language the humans say “how are you?” and in the Portuguese language they say “como vai?”. Both mean the same thing, but they are two different languages, or speech forms. The humans have many many forms of speech and a human who speaks English, for example, cannot understand a human who speaks Dutch, unless they take the time to learn each other’s language.

For this reason the humans have language schools and language courses to teach humans the language of other humans who speak different languages. Consequently, many humans can speak a variety of languages. The most popular language among the humans is the English language.


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