The Humans Believe in God

The humans believe in God. They believe that God is a supreme being who created the earth and everything in it and watches over it. Some humans believe that God resides somewhere high above the earth, in some heavenly above while others think He is here, there and everywhere.

However, not all humans believe in God. There is a small fraction of them who proclaim that there is no God and they are called atheists.

The humans have a number of holy books which they claim are sent directly from God. These books are said to explain the nature of God and his relationship with the humans.

For these reasons, many humans believe that if they do things to please God, good things will happen to them and they will secure a place in heaven; and if they do things which displease God, bad things will happen to them and they will go to a place called hell.

Some humans believe that God is entirely good, some believe that He is both good and evil and others believe that He is neither good nor evil, but completely neutral.

Some humans believe that God is so holy, mighty and supreme, that he can never be seen. Some humans believe that he manifests into different forms and come down to earth, and some believe that he walked the earth in human form.

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