The Humans Make Movies

The Humans Make And Watch Movies

A movie is a reenactment of a series of events which tell a story which happened in the past, is happening now, or may happen sometime in the future. The story may have a sad, tragic, joyful or happy ending.

The humans make movies by acting and designing a background environment to suit their needs. They then use filming technology to capture the performances and store it in various retrievable media.

The movie often consists of one or more than one “star” who is the main character being persecuted by an enemy or enemies. The star is often seen as a force for good and someone with such a good nature that he or she refuses to retaliate until pushed to the limit.

In the end of the movie, the star of the movie subdues his or her persecutors or enemies either by destroying them physically or putting a definitive end to their attacks.

People who act in movies are called “actors” and “actresses”, and the most beautiful and good looking ones, especially those who often act as “stars” are called “film stars”.

To make movies, the humans use sophisticated cameras, stuntmen, photo-manipulating software and makeup. The humans may recreate a story of a past president for example, and hire a makeup artist to change the appearance of the actor to bear a striking resemblance to the past president.

Most movies tell a story, and the moral of most movies is that “good triumphs over evil”.

Some movies tell stories where the main characters face problems in their romances, and go to extreme lengths to resolve these problems. In these cases, the movie is categorized as a “romance” film. The humans also make “action films” which often depict stories of physical conflict with a terrorist or stories of war. Horror movies tell stories of the paranormal such as ghosts and zombies and their interactions with humans.

Humans often use the storyline from novels and other books to make movies. In these cases, they may provide a notice at the beginning of the movie saying “based on the novel by…”

Making of movies often cost a lot of money but the sale of movie tickets make much more than the cost. The making and selling of movies among humans is seen as a profitable industry which provides many careers for the humans, while the watching of movies brings joy and excitement to the lives of the humans.

When humans watch movie, they willingly forget that the story was made up, and it is not uncommon to see humans, jumping, shouting and crying during or at the end of a movie.

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