The Humans Drive Cars

The humans have managed to successfully design and construct a machine for transportation called the “car“. The car is created not just with transportation in mind, but fashion and beauty as well. The car seems to be one of the most loved human machines ever, and from all indications, it will continue to be for years to come.

Although the humans have not yet managed to make efficient flying cars, or fold it up and put it into their pockets like the people on some more advanced planets, I must say that they have done a wonderful job of building cars.

The typical car may transport four or five people, including the driver, at a given time.

At present, most cars built by the humans are powered by fossil fuels, but great strides are being made by the humans to make more energy-efficient vehicles of transportation, and it will appear that they will be successful in making completely electric cars, as well as flying cars, in the near future.

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