The Humans have Pets

A pet is an animal, most often a dog or cat that a human feeds, shelters and otherwise look after for affection and loving companionship with the animal.

Although dogs and cats are the most common pets, the humans are known to make pets out of all kinds of animals. Pets may include, donkeys, horses, turtles, birds, monkeys, lizards, tigers, fishes and even snakes. A pet is a very “dear” possession in the eyes and heart of the humans and the humans often cherish their pets as though they are there own children.

A pet dog for example may live in the house of the human, and even sleep on the human’s chairs and beds if it is well bathed. The dog may additionally have its own personal abode called a “kennel” and special bowls in which it eats.

The cat is one of the most loved and “played with” of pets among the humans. Human children seem to take a very special liking to cats. Cats often sleep on beds with the humans but may have their own food bowls and litter boxes.

Because of the extreme connection between humans and their pets, and the special love and attention humans give to their pets, many successful multi-million dollar industries were created around provided products and services for the pets of the humans.

Since humans are more than willing to shell out money for the happiness and well-being of their pet animals, an entire field of study was developed for professionals who specialize in looking after the health of animals, especially pets.

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