The Humans Make Mistakes

The humans make mistakes. A mistake is when a human intended to do something, but ended up doing something a bit different, or entirely different – usually something that causes loss, pain or sorrow.

A mistake may also refer to an act that is wrong or sinful, according to the humans. For example, a man was charge with assaulting his wife and told the court “sorry, I made a mistake”.

Sometimes, the humans make mistakes, and at other times, they make beefstakes.

The expression “beefstake” may be used humourously by the humans to indicate that a mistake was so terrible it should not have been made “that’s not a mistake, that’s a beefstake!”

At one time a popular car company made a mistake in engineering causing the tires of the car to blow out on the highways.

A mistake may also be called an “error” by the humans and it is such a common occurrence among humans that many quotations by famous humans have been made popular to cover the phenomenon. Some examples include:

“It is human to err”

“If something can go wrong, it will go wrong”.

Miss’ Steak is a man’s target – unknown

(By famous humans)

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