The Humans are Generally Ungrateful

Nine five percent of the humans are always in need of some help or the other at any given time. This is because the humans have designed their lives and systems in such a way as to make things difficult.

For example, the humans have divided the earth into hundreds of “countries” with “borders.” And humans of one country generally cannot migrate to another without a long bureaucratic process, unless they have a lot of money.

Then there’s the banking system. The humans are always in need of money, but to get a loan from the bank takes so much paperwork that most humans cannot do it.

And that’s just scratching the surface. Consequently, the humans are always in need of help. They have set things up this way to “make money.” So humans pay other humans money to solve problems for them. This way, everyone gets “work” or a job.

The problem is when the humans don’t have money – and most humans are out of money at any given them. If one human helps another human without charging money, it is called a “favor.” Needless to say, humans don’t like to do favors for other humans because of their inherent selfish nature.

But when a human does do a favor for another, he often complains that the human who received the favor is “ungrateful.” And this is not far from the truth. Most humans are ungrateful.

For example, when a human receives a favor from another human, 5 percent of the time, the human who received the favor will remember it, be thankful and try to reciprocate the good deed. The other 95% of the time the human will be “ungrateful.” That is, the human who received the favor will not express thanks and try to reciprocate.

What’s worse is that some humans will try to “take advantage of” other humans who do favors for them. That is, they will receive all the favors they can, and then not do anything to reciprocate it. What’s even worse is that some humans repay good with evil. That is, they sometimes do bad things to someone who did good favors for them.

This only further complicates the whole matter and causes the humans to be more “selfish” or “for themselves.”

So in conclusion, the humans are generally ungrateful. But why the humans are generally ungrateful is another topic of debate altogether.

From the book “A Report on the Humans” by Patrick Carpen.

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