Renan – The Handsome Bully

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Renan The Handsome Bully – A Children’s Story by Patrick Carpen.

Renan was a bully. He just loved to beat the other kids, to pick on them, to make fights, to take away their lunches, and sometimes even their money.
One morning he poured a bottle of lemonade over poor Johnny’s head.

Johnny cried and ran to the teacher. The teacher sent for Renan.
“Renan”, she shouted. “Why did you pour lemonade on Johnny’s head?”
“Because I don’t like him,” said Renan.
The teacher was desperate. She didn’t know what to do. She sent for Renan’s parents.

Renan’s parents were very sad. They didn’t want their son to be a bully. That way, they wouldn’t be proud of him. They tried to talk to Renan. The teacher tried to talk to Renan. Sometimes, Renan’s parents flogged Renan. But Renan continued being a bully. In fact, he got worse and worse.
Then one day, some Christian missionaries came to Renan’s school. They came to talk to the class about Jesus. Rosetta, the beautiful young missionary lady noticed that Renan was not looking too nice.
She asked permission to talk to Renan privately in a closed office. The teacher agreed.
At first Renan was very silent. He didn’t speak at all.
“Tell me what’s wrong Renan” said Rosetta.
Renan began to cry. “Everyone calls me a bully” sobbed Renan.
“Why does everyone call you a Bully?” asked Rosetta.
“Because I like to beat children up and take advantage of them”, said Renan.
“And why do you like to beat children up and take advantage of them?” asked Rosetta.
“Because I am ugly” said Renan. “And ugly people have to do ugly things.”
Rosetta’s eyes widened with horror. “Why do you think you are ugly?” she asked in surprise.
“Because my ears are so big, and my nose is so big, and my eyes are so big,” said Renan, still crying.
Rosetta took Renan to the mirror. “Look”, she said “how big and beautiful your ears are.”

Renan smile faintly.
“…how big and beautiful your nose is…” she continued.
Renan smiled brighter.
“…and how big and beautiful your eyes are” said Rosetta.
Renan started to laugh. He saw that it was true, that he was handsome too!
Rosetta hugged Renan, and from that day on, everybody else believed that it was true— that Renan was a really handsome kid and he no more bullied the other children.

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May 4, 2015 7:41 pm

Beautiful and you seem to have a very acute understanding of child psychology.