The Humans Practice Different Religions

The humans have something called religion. This is where a set of them strongly and sometimes absolutely agree on one idea of what or who God is, and what he wants from humans.

For example, there is the Christian religion. All humans who practice or believe in the Christian religion are called “Christians”. The Christians believe that a supreme God created the entire universe. He made the first two humans to have a happy life of eternity on earth, and to multiply. However, they sinned and caused death upon themselves, their offspring, and all life on earth. Then a savior, Jesus, or God in the flesh, came down to pay the penalty for sin so that the humans may once again live forever in paradise, as long as they believe in Christ and follow his teachings.

Then there is the Hindu religion. The Hindus believe that there are many different gods which are really manifestations of the one supreme being who created the entire universe. The Hindus believe that, aside from worship, what God requires of humans is one good deed after the after. Through each good deed, the person receives a better “karma”. The more good deeds a person does, the better his health, happiness and finances will be in the next stage of existence, whether this be in the person’s present life or next birth.

One group of humans practice a religion called “Islam”. Islam means submission to God. Humans who believe in Islam are called Muslims. The Muslims believe that there is only one God, and that all other religions are wrong. The Muslims believe that by worshiping their God, who they call “Allah”, they will secure a place in paradise for all eternity. The Holy book of the Muslims is called the Koran, and it gives more detail about the religion of Islam.

Aside from these three main religions, there are thousands of other religions believed and practiced by humans on the face of the earth. There are also humans who have no care for religion, some who believe there is no god, and some who believe in scientific methods of achieving their destiny.

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