The Humans Are Good And Evil

The humans believe in “good” and “evil”. A good human is a human who does or says things which promote peace, joy, happiness, prosperity and love in the lives of other humans.

An evil human is a human who does or says things which causes destruction, suffering and death to other humans.

The human must intentionally do these things to be classified as “good” or “evil”. For example, if a human does something that caused harm to other humans, without intending to do so, that human cannot be classified as evil since he or she did not intent to do such an act, but did it accidentally.

On the other hand, if a human does something that causes peace, joy, prosperity and life to other humans, but did not intent to do it, it is not enough to classify this human as “good” based on the act.

Some humans are bold enough to declare themselves as evil, and I’ve encountered quite a number of these. Likewise, there are many humans who proclaim themselves to be good.

I’ve noticed that some evil humans lie and say that they are good; while some good humans lie and say they are evil. I’ve seen humans who do a mix of good and evil deeds and some humans believe that there is both good and evil in all humans.

Nevertheless, there do exist such humans that are mostly evil and others which are mostly good.

Acts such as killing other humans and hurting other humans physically or emotionally are considered evil acts, and humans who perform such acts are considered evil.

Acts such as giving to poor people, helping the elderly and being kind to little children are considered good acts by the humans.

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