The Humans Dance

The humans walk, run and jump to get from one place to another; but the humans also involve in a very peculiar act called “dancing”. The humans usually do this with the help of music.

In the act of dancing, the human will remain within a fixed surface area and move the hands and feet about in a rhythmical, but somewhat haphazard manner. This will be accompanied by moving the waist back and forth, and side to side, sometimes rapidly, sometimes slowly, stretching the hands out, up and down, and pointing the fingers in all sorts of unfathomable fashions.

The human may jump, turn around, bend over backwards, and return to the same position. Sometimes the human may even flick over and land on the feet when dancing.

Dancing among humans may be done singularly when the human engages in the act alone, or with a partner, when two humans (usually a male and female) coordinate their movements. In the case of partner dancing, the two humans may embrace each other or stand very close to each other, and try to make the similar moves.

Sometimes, in partner dancing, the humans will hold each other and move slowly, sometimes fast, sometimes letting go, spinning around and embracing each other again in a rhythmical fashion.

When dancing, the humans often move to the rhythm of the music, which is usually blasted through loudspeakers and includes a voice accompanied by musical instruments.

The humans most often dance at parties and celebrations but the humans may also dance by themselves in their homes, on the streets, in school or anywhere it pleases them.

Dancing is an act often carrying out in certain types of movies made by the humans.

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