The Humans Smoke Cigarettes

If you see a queer, pipe-shaped piece of object, about 4 inches long and 1/2 a centimeter in diameter, projecting from the mouth of a human, you may wonder what the hell this is.

You will also see smoke emanating from the tip of the object and also coming from the human’s mouth.

You will notice the human clasping the object between two fingers and occasionally taking it up to his or her mouth. The human will then suck the object, remove it from the mouth, and blow white smoke from the mouth, and sometimes, the nose as well.

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The object is called a “cigarette” and the action is called “smoking”.

Sometimes, one human may ask another human “do you smoke”? This means to ask if the human uses cigarette in the manner described above.

Also, on dating sites, many candidates are asked to indicate whether or not they “smoke”.

Do you have a light? One human may ask another human if they have a light. If at this time, the human who asks the question is holding a cigarette between the fingers, he or she most likely means an object for igniting cigarettes.

Most humans who smoke carry out the practice at leisure times in the day. Many take breaks during the day from their tasks to indulge in the practice.

Light smokers consume an average of five cigarettes per day while heavy smokers may consume about 5 packs daily.

Smoking is known to cause addiction in the humans, and humans who start smoking find it difficult to stop. This is because of a substance called “nicotine” found in the cigarette. The nicotine is known to have addictive properties, meaning that once it enters the human’s system, they keep craving repeated doses of it.

On top of this, the chemicals produced by the cigarette smoke induce a sensation of tranquility and elation in the human smoking the cigarette, causing him or her to want to do it over and over.

However, smoking is not all good. It triggers or speeds up a large number of diseases and health problems in the humans and many humans who smoke contract illness.

For this reason, the Ministry of Health of every country issues a warning label on every pack of cigarette produced in the country, stating the smoking is dangerous to human health. The warning label is often graphic and meant to discourage the use of cigarettes. In spite of this, the tobacco industry continues to boom, selling millions of dollars of cigarettes each year.

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