The Humans Live in Countries

This page was first published on the 29th of May, 2014 and last updated on the 24th of November, 2016 by Patrick Carpen.

The humans have devised systems where they were able to mark off large pieces of the earth into “countries”. The countries have borders to indicate their limits. These borders are not always fenced but at many points they are secured by armed forces.

At present, the humans were able to mark off over two hundred countries and gave them all kinds of different names. These names range from Kuwait to U.S.A.

People who were born in a particular country have a natural right to live, work and do business in that country. However, most of the time, they cannot exercise the same rights in other countries unless they apply and are approved.

Each country on the planet has its own laws which govern it. Each country has its own type of money. Each country has its own government. Each country is different, yet all the countries have some amount of similarities. Each country has something called a “national flag”. The national flag is a drawing that is often produced on large pieces of cloth and displayed on high poles in various parts of the country.

The humans are divided into countries. We all know that a kingdom divided will fall. Instead of creating one great kingdom, the humans divide themselves into hundreds of kingdumbs. And that is why I fear that for the humans’ extinctions.

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