The Golden Planet

gold photoAndrew and his newly made alien friend, Sordna, were going for a drive into outer space on their little space kit. The actual diagram of the space kit is coming soon. But it looks something like a small skateboard, with two seats, controls suspended apparently on thin air, and an invisible shield around it, when can opened at will, and which encloses oxygen. The spacecraft has auto oxygen generating mechanism.

Soon they passed the red planet Mars. Then they jupiter, nepture, uranuas and pluto. Then, at the speed of light, Sordna whisked the spaceship into outer space. All andrew could have seen was streaks of light on either side of the space kit. About 20 seconds later, the space kit slowed suddenly, and Andrew noticed a shining planet in the distance.

“It’s the golden planet,” said Sordna.
“Wow,” sighed Andrew. “Made out of pure gold!”
“Yes,” replied Sordna. “Have you ever wondered how all that gold that humans dig from the earth got there in the first place? They came from outer space. They are lots…well not lots…but quite a number of golden planets in our universe. Some of them were broken by the impact of meteorites and sent flying into space. The pieces of these planets, made of pure gold fly about through space for centuries. At time, they crash into other planets, as is the case with earth. As they crashed, they broke into smaller pieces and were buried into the earth. That’s how humans are able to dig out the same gold from the earth.”

“Wow,” signed Andrew. “That’s amazing.”
“Not as much as this,” replied Sordna. “Come, let’s descend on this golden planet.”

Sordna accelerated the space kit and descended onto the golden planet. It was lifeless.

“No form of life can survive here,” said Sordna, “since the planet is made of pure gold.”

Andrew was amazed. He tested the ground with his feet. He picked up a few golden pebbles. He sifted the golden sand through his fingers.

“And you my boy,” Sordna said, “can take away as much gold from this planet as you wish.”

Andrew filled his packpack with golden rocks, and after a few hours more of walking and chatting, the two friends summoned the space kit. They entered, and flew back home. Before daybreak, Andrew was back in his bedroom. Tomorrow was saturday. No school. He had a few hours more to sleep.

He slept happily. But what did he do with all the gold? He donated it to charity to build houses for the poor.

From: The Adventures of Andrew in Outer Space – A Children’s Sci-Fi Book Series by Patrick Carpen.

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