The Humans Attend Schools

A school is a place where the humans gather to learn skills, facts, and all other things about the world around them.

Most schools on earth are run by the government of each country and comprises of about 40 classrooms. Depending on the size and kind of school, the number of classrooms may vary.

Each classroom in the school contains desks and chairs and a “chalkboard” which the teacher writes on. Usually, there are about 20 students and one teacher for each lesson. Each lesson in the classroom lasts for an average of one hour.

After completing enough studies and passing enough tests, a student may be presented a certificate, which proves that the student is qualified for a particular duty or task.

The humans usually start school from the age of 3 to 4 years old. The first two-year period of school for the human children is called “kindergarten” in many countries. After that, the human children moves to “Primary School”. The human children spends about 6 years in the Primary School, after which they move “Secondary” or “High” School and spend another 5 years.

After completing High School, the humans may have enough qualifications to prove that they are able to take on certain jobs or special positions in the world of work. After High School, the human may continue attending school part time while working, or remain full time in school for another 4, 8, 10 or more years. The institution which the humans attend after high school is called “college”, or “university”.

The more qualifications a human gains from attending school, the more respect and money they can earn from their jobs. However, as with almost everything in human lives, there are exceptions.

Apart from the traditional government schools, there are also private schools run by businessmen, educators and entrepreneurs. Many of these private schools claim to offer better “educational services” and environment and tend to attract the richer humans.

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