The Silfians: An Introduction

The Silfians live on the planet Silf. The word “Silf” may be written in lowercase with a capital “S”, as in “Silf” or with all uppercase letters, as in “SILF”. Silf is really an acronym for “super-intelligent life-form”.

I decided to write about this planet because of its striking similarity to the planet Earth. The planet Silf is located thousands of light years away from the planet Earth, in a different galaxy, in a different solar system.

However, the distance of the planet Silf from its sun is the exact same distance of the planet Earth from its sun. And the size of the sun which the planet Silf revolves around is exactly the same size as the Earth’s sun. There are also the same number of planets revolving around Silf’s sun, and Silf is also the third planet away from its sun.

On top of that, the planet Silf has the same size as the planet earth, the same proportion of land to water and the same mineral composition. But the similarities do not end there! The planet Silf is exactly the same age as the planet earth, and the people living on the planet Silf have been living for the same amount of time as the planet earth. The Earth’s sun is also the same age as the sun of the planet Silf. The planet of Silf may be very called another “Earth”.

The only major difference between the planet Earth and the planet Silf is the intelligence level of the people living on them. The people of the planet Silf are thousands of times more intelligent than the people of earth. Thus, the naming convention of the Intergalactic Peacekeeping Force chose to the rename the planet from its original name (formerly Earth as well), to SILF, meaning “super-intelligent life-form”.

The Silfians look very much like humans, and a biological review reveals identical DNA structures. Nevertheless, when it comes to the mind, the Silfians have proven far superior.

Many of the problems which exist on the planet Earth do not exist on the planet Silf and the standard of living and culture of the people of Silf are far superior to those of the Earthlings.

I will be detailing some of my exciting journeys and experiences on the planet of SILF here on this site.

Have fun.

Patrick Carpen

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