The Humans Play Games

The humans play games and this is one of the most commendable aspects of “human nature”. A game is a fun, exciting and sometimes thrilling activity carried on by the humans. There are tens of thousands of games played among humans which bring joy, peace, prosperity and happiness to human lives.

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A game is where two or more humans compete with each other to achieve a particular goal or target. For example, in the game of cricket, the humans form two groups of 11 persons. They use a ball and an object to hit the ball with, called a bat. They have a bowler who throws the ball at the person called the batsman. The batsman’s objective is to hit the ball as far away as possible and then run to a designated point and return to his station. Each time the batsman runs to the designated point and returns to his base or station, he scores a “run”. At the back of the batsman, a “wicket” is placed. If the batsman misses the ball and the ball hits the wicket, the batsman is “out” and must give up the bat. The group who scores the most “runs” before all their players are “out” wins the game.

Games are a lot of fun as well as big business for the humans as the humans sell tickets to games that a lot of people want to sit down and watch. They build big “stadiums” to accommodate thousands of humans who enjoy watching the games.

The humans invent games for young children as well as adults of all ages. They play games between one, two, three, tens or scores of players. The humans invent games that can be played in a field or sitting down at a desk. The humans have also been successful in designing games that can be played against a computer or against a machine.

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