The Humans Are Similar to Animals

The humans have divided all living things into two main categories or classes: the plant kingdom and the animal kingdom.

The humans are therefore classified under the category of animals, since they cannot be classified into the plant kingdom, but the humans consider themselves the highest class of animals: talk about EGO.

The humans distinguish themselves as the highest class of animals on the basis that they believe that their intelligence is superior to all the other animals’ in the animal kingdom. What the humans believe, the humans believe, and the beliefs of the humans are another story all by itself, in its own class; but whether the humans are truly more intelligent than the rest of the animals is question for debate.

In fact, our intelligence assessment machine has shown more intelligence in some animals than on humans; yet it is the ego of the humans that makes them believe that they are superior.

But it is not just the psychological structure of the humans which make them different from other animals, they are also physically different. The humans sport two hands and two feet: something that no other animal on the face of the earth can lay claim to. Indeed, the humans are clearly different in appearance to other animals.

Nevertheless, this distinct difference is not without its bridges: the humans are also similar to animals. It is easy to see similarities sometimes between a particular human and a particular animal. For example, one time, I met a guy who could make the sound of a sheep from his mouth with such striking imitation that it was amazing. It struck me that this guy “looked” like a sheep as well. So I ran over to my friend and I said “hey, look, this guy could make the sound of a sheep”. My friend responded. “Don’t you see that he looks like a sheep”?

The funny thing is, when one person thinks that a particular human resembles a particular animal, all the other humans can attest to that resemblance, and agree on it. So this resemblance then, must be real.

One time I met a woman who struck me as a bearing a resemblance to a tiger. Later on during a conversation, she started talking, with a gleeful smile on her face, how she loved tigers.

There were times when I met humans who reminded me of cows, monkeys, gorillas, apes, goats, horses, frogs and elephants; but most of the time, I met humans who reminded me of jackasses.

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