The Humans Self Destruct

The humans self destruct or “kill themselves”, and this is one of the saddest aspects of human existence. The humans use a variety of methods to self destruct.

Sometimes a human may tie a rope or other suspending material from a roof or tree. The human will then stand on an elevated surface, such as a chair or branch. Next, the human ties the rope around his or her neck securely and jumps off of the surface.

The weight of the human causes the rope to tighten around the human’s neck, killing him or her. When the humans self destruct in this way, the human is said to have died from hanging. The human is said to have hanged himself or herself.

The humans sometimes use sharp and pointed objects such as knifes to inflict bodily harm on themselves, which sometimes result in the death of the human. This form of self destruction is much rarer among the humans.

The humans are also known to use projectile weapons, most often the gun, to self destruct. In these cases the human will load the gun, aim it at himself or herself and pull the trigger. When a human does this and dies from the wound, he or she is said to have died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Many humans self destruct by ingesting a poisonous substance with the intention of causing death. The human would procure one of a variety of poisonous substances, such as those used to kill weeds or pests, and drink a good dose of it which the human thinks will cause him or her to die.

Aside from these, the humans also use a variety of other methods to self destruct. These include throwing themselves off high cliffs or buildings or in front of moving vehicles.

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Why do the humans self destruct?

A human may self destruct for a number of reasons. Sometimes the human may be in a problem for which he or she thinks there is no solution. Sometimes the human may have a terminal illness for which there is no cure. In these cases, the human may feel life is not worth living in this condition and self destruct. Sometimes, the humans self
destruct because of financial problems which they think they cannot get out of.

I have encountered cases where humans self destructed because they have lost a great fortune or something dear to them. In these cases, the “pain of loss” drives┬áthe humans to self destruct.

Most of the time, however, according to my observations, the humans self destruct because of emotional problems.

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I’ve also noticed that the emotion of love is most responsible for human self destruction.

The humans have a special word to describe the act of human self destruction. It is called “suicide”. When a human self destructs, he or she is said to have “committed suicide”.

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