The Humans Fight Wars

The humans fight war, and this is, in addition to “self destruction” one of the saddest aspects of human existence. Usually, a war is started when the leaders of two different countries disagree on some matter. In these cases, the leader of one country may make a demand that the leader of the other country refuses to meet or give-in to. The leaders then enter into disputes which escalate into hostilities.

The leader who starts the war is called the “aggressor”. The other leader is forced to defend himself.

Sometimes, a war may be fought among the members of just one country. In these cases, a group of citizens decide that they are unhappy for some reason and decide the fight against the government in an effort to overthrow it. In this case, the citizens who attack the government or ruling prince are called “rebels”.

Very often, rebels are defeated in a war against the government. In rare cases, they win and overthrow the government. The most noted and infamous case of rebels defeating the government is the American Revolution War which took place around the year 1776. It resulted in the throwing-off of the British government and the declaration of the United States of America as a sovereign nation.

Very often, when two factions are at war, onlooking nations may look on and decide that one side is taking advantage. In these cases, some nations join in a war to support a “cause” which they believe in. The country which is most known for “butting in” to the affairs and most often the “wars” of other peoples and nations is the United States of America.

Needless to say, the United States of America possesses the world’s most powerful army and military capabilities and no nation or group of nations in their right sense will think they can a war against the United States.

A war may take different forms and manners of being fought. They may involve soldiers lining up against each other in open fields, taking cover and firing from trenches and bombing each other in covert operations. Warring factions may also employ the use of aircraft which carry and launch missiles to strike enemy territories.

During times of war, all kinds of horrors are carried out by one group of humans against the other group, and vice versa. The objective in a war is to literally destroy as many humans of the enemy side as possible, by any means possible. This has led a group of nations to come together to make up “rules” of what fighters are allowed and not allowed to do during a war. If they break these rules, they could be committing “war crimes“.

War is most often caused by pride or greed. Most wars could be avoided and there are really no winners in a war. The destruction, devastation and expenses brought on by a war cannot be compensated by any victory after the war. Not surprisingly the bible lists the qualities of pride and greed as two of the seven deadly sins.

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