Fat Boy Comes To Town

Have you heard the story of Fat Boy, the little bully who came to your town and beat the other children up? He would take away the lunches of the other children, and even their money. All the other children were afraid of him, until one brave lad stood up to him and from that day he never bullied another child.

And did you hear the story of Fat Boy, the chubby little “cutie” who everyone in the town liked because he was so cute and fun to be around?

Well, there are so many stories about many different Fatboy’s in the world, but the Fatboy in this story is not a real boy, it’s a bomb!

Boy’s and girl, this is a real story that actually happened, and it carries important lessons that we must never forget in the history of our world.

The year was 1945. For about six years, more than 30 countries in the world were fighting against each other, causing the deaths of millions of people. It seemed the fighting would never end. A group of selfish and foolish men wanted world power. They wanted to take advantage of and enslave the poor people of the world. Another group of good men struggled to stop them. This was called the “Second World War”.

The fighting got worse and worse each day, and the good forces were facing defeat on many fronts. But there was just one hope. Some brilliant scientists were taxing their brains to make a bomb that was so powerful, it would definitely help to win the war. These good people didn’t want to bomb anyone. They didn’t want anyone to die. But the bad guys were advancing so rapidly, killing so many people and destroying so many cities, that the good guys had no choice.

In addition, the evil men were also trying to build a powerful bomb. Their scientists were learning about it too. It is called the “Atomic” or “Nuclear” bomb. It is made by splitting the nucleus of an atom in two.

Luckily, the good guys finished first. Flying over the Japanese town of Nagasaki, they dropped the bomb down. Many innocent people lost their lives. The name of the bomb was Fat Boy.

Two days after, they dropped another Atomic bomb in Hiroshima. This was the end of the war. They evil men were so devastated they surrendered.

This is a sad story which shows what happens when people let greed and evil desires take them over. We must put our trust in God and let Him guide us into making the world a better place.

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