The Humans Fight Wars

The humans fight wars and this is one of the most tragic aspects of human existence. War among the humans happens when there is a disagreement between two different countries, two races of humans, two tribes of humans or two groups of humans distinguished by some factor such as belief, ideology, etc.

Additionally, the humans seem able to start a war for a thousand different reasons. One of the greatest wars amomg the humans, the First World War, started because one single human said something wrong and refused to apologize.

During wars, the humans do all sorts of brutal and inhumane things to other humans who are on the “enemy” side of the war.

The humans have fought wars because of different beliefs.

One example is a man who believed that his race was superior to all other races and that he had a right to rule them. He led his army from country to country, causing the Second World War.

Another example is one man who thought his religion was the only true religion, and that God instructed him to wipe out all people of other religions. He led his army from country to country and carried out bloody massacres.

Another example is a US president who thought that a system of government was so bad, it was his duty to prevent it even by military means. He sent millions of American soldiers to fight and die in Vietnam, in an effort to prevent the spread of a system of government called “communism”. They never managed to successfully prevent or wipe out the communism system.

War among the humans also happens because of greed and bullism – when one group of humans decide to attact, invade, rob and suppress another group of humans of another race, country or belief system. Sometimes such attacks are successful. Sometimes they are successful for a time and sometimes they are not successful at all.

War among the humans also happens when a group of humans decides that their government is doing them wrong. In these cases, the humans will start protesting against the government. The protest will escalate to the point where the government will hire forces to control the protests. The next step is where the protesters themselves take up arms and attack the government forces. The humans against the government are then called “rebels” and sometimes “terrorists” and they are said to be engaged in “rebellion”. After that a long, deadly and brutal war erupts between humans loyal to or working for the government and the rebelling humans.

There have been many wars of this nature among the humans. In some cases, the government forces won and the government prevailed, and in other, the rebels won and the government was overthrown and replaced.

One such war was the American Revolution War which displaced the then King of England as the ruler of America.

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