The Humans Group Themselves

First Published: 7th of February, 2022 by Patrick Carpen.

Last updated: February 7, 2022 at 21:14 pm

In my book, “A Treatise on Racism,” I explained the human tendency to group themselves and to gang up against other group. In summary, racism has its root in narcism, that is, self love, the human tendency to form groups, identify with groups, and support and find support in groups, as well as other factors such as the history of human evolution.

The humans not only form groups, but they gang up against rival groups. Here are some ways humans group themselves:

By religion
By political affililation
By nationality
By wealth
By education.
By race
By tribes within races.
By height and body types even within races
By different shades of skin color within races.
By gender
By interests

Forming of groups in itself is not bad enough. The problem is that humans use these groups to gang up and attack members of “rival groups.”

A photo of two US marines heading to war in the middle east was widely shared on social media. Both of the marines were male, but one was African American and the other was caucasian. In the photo, the African American soldier had fallen asleep on the white soldier’s lap – both with guns in hand. The photo was captioned, “while you are busy fighting each other, this is what our heroes are doing.”

On the ground in the USA, members of the black race and members of the white race are often at loggerheads with each other because of their rival racial groupings.

But here is a case where the national grouping had overridden the influences of the racial grouping. Humans often gang up with others of similar race to attack and oppress others of a difference race. This is called racism. Humans also gang up with others of the same nationality to attack and oppress others of other nationalities. This is called “nationalism,” “patriotism” or “xenophobia” depending on the situation.

All in the all, the humans like to form gangs, and one human can belong to many groups (or gangs). How seriously they take their membership with each group varies from individual to individual.

Ironically, the religious grouping of humans have produced the largest amount of hate amongst humans. Humans of the Christian religion, for example, tell humans of the Muslim religions that they will burn for all eternity in a lake of fire, while humans of the Muslim group tells the Christian grouping the same thing. Many wars have been fought between rival religious groups throughout human history.

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