Robert Goes Vegetable Shopping

Robert was a bright young lad who lived in the capital city of Georgetown, Guyana. He was 5 years old, but his knowledge was way above his years. Robert’s parents were amazed at how fast he was learning and so were his teachers.

At such a tender age, Robert could already name over 50 vegetables, and he could even tell you what they were good for! Cabbages, eggplants, broccoli, squash, pumpkin and much more. One day, Robert’s mom, Maresa, decided to take him to the Stabroek Market to buy vegetables. There, he would have a chance to see a wide variety of his favorite vegetables freshly harvested from the farm.

Soon, they entered the vegetables section of the Stabroek Market and Robert was amazed at the stalls packed full of bright, colorful and juicy vegetables. He wanted to grab them all, but his mom told him to keep walking.

“We’re going to Uncle John’s vegetable stall,” his mom told him.

“But why do you leave all these stalls and go all the way to the back to Uncle John?” asked Robert curiously.

“Because Uncle John plants the best vegetables. His vegetables are 100% organic. That means that he uses no chemicals such as pesticides, weedicides or manmade fertilizers in his farms. That way, the vegetables are healthier and safer to eat.”

“Oh yes!” Robert agreed with a look of amazement. He remembered reading about organic gardening in a book from his dad’s library. Just then, they rounded the corner and came face to face with Uncle John’s stall. And indeed! What luscious vegetables! Robert could see that the vegetables were bigger and brighter in color than all the others they had just passed.

Robert’s aunt bought eggplants, cabbages, pumpkin, corn, carrots and much more. Soon they were on their way home.

That evening, Robert’s mom prepared a delicious “choka” with the eggplants. Robert knew that eggplants were rich in vitamins and antioxidants. He enjoyed that.

“This is delicious, but tomorrow I want to eat pumpkin,” Robert told his mom after dinner. “Because pumpkin makes my eyes bright.”

Indeed, Robert had learned that in a rhyme in school, but he also knew the science behind it: he knew that pumpkin was packed full of beta-carotine – a nutrient which strengthens eyesight.

The next day, Robert said to his parents, “I want to became an organic gardener like Uncle John!”

“Sure,” said his dad. “We’ll buy you some seeds and get you going!”

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