The Little Boy Who Wouldn’t Eat

There was once a little boy who didn’t eat. He hated breakfast time, lunch time, and dinner time. In the morning, he would drink a little bit of tea and run away.

‘Jack!’  his mother called. ‘You have to eat your breakfast. Come here and eat your breakfast. See the bread, see the milk, see the poached eggs’.

‘No!’ shouted Jack. ‘If I eat those things I will become as fat as Uncle Robert! And I don’t want to be as fat as Uncle Robert!’.

‘You will not become as fat as uncle Robert’ said his mother. ‘You will become as strong as your dad’.

‘I am already as strong as my dad!’ said Jack, pulling up his sleeves and flexing his little muscles. ‘See how much muscles I have!’

His mother sighed and bent her head. She didn’t know what to do. How can she make her little boy eat his food?

‘Whip him’ said Uncle Harry, the shop owner.

‘Ban him from television’ said his teacher.

‘Don’t take him to the movies’ said Uncle George.

‘Take away his video games,’ said his sister.

But the little boy’s mother didn’t want to do these things. She called Jack’s grandmother. ‘Your grandson wouldn’t eat his food.’ she complained. ‘He doesn’t eat dinner, he doesn’t eat breakfast, he doesn’t eat lunch.’

‘Whoa!’ exclaimed the grandmother. ‘That is very bad!’

‘What shall we do?’ cried Jack’s mother?

‘Take him to the doctor!’ said Jack’s grandmother.

‘OK’ said the mother.

So the next morning Jack’s mother woke and went to Jack’s room. ‘Jack,’ she whispered. ‘Get ready son, we are going for a walk in the town. We will buy candies and ice cream and all things nice.’

‘Candies and ice cream!’ said Jack ‘That sounds like fun! But remember, not too much or I will become like uncle Robert.’

‘Not too much’ said his mother. ‘but hurry up, it is getting late.’

Jack took a shower, brushed his teeth, and put on his favorite clothes.

He went to the kitchen and picked up a small cup, poured some tea and sipped it slowly.

His mother sighed. ‘Don’t you want the bread jack? Don’t you want the butter? Don’t you want the eggs?’

‘No!’ cried Jack. ‘Too much of bread and milk will make me as fat as Uncle Robert. And I don’t want to be as fat as Uncle Robert!’

Jack’s mother sighed again. She was very worried. She took Jack to the city and bought some books for Jack. Then she bought a Robot for Jack. Then she bought some ice cream and candies for Jack. Jack was having a great day.

‘Let’s go now Jack’. said her mother. ‘We have to visit a special friend.’

Jack’s mother drove to the doctor’s office. When Jack walked in, he looked around curiously.

‘Whoa’ he exclaimed. ‘This is a doctor’s office!’

‘That’s right’ said his mother. ‘The doctor will tell me why you wouldn’t eat’.

‘But I am strong!’ exclaimed Jack. ‘I don’t need to see the doctor! Look at my muscles!’ And Jack rolled up his sleeves and flexed his little muscles.

The doctor looked into Jack’s eyes, tested Jack’s heart and lungs, looked at Jack’s tongue, looked into Jack’s mouth, felt Jack’s pulse.

‘This is a very healthy boy’ said the doctor.

Then he put Jack on the scale and weighed Jack. ‘But he is two pounds lighter than he should be.’

‘See’ said Jack’s mother to Jack.

‘No’ said Jack. ‘I don’t want to be as fat as Uncle Robert.

‘Come here’ said the doctor. ‘Let me tell you a story.’

The doctor told Jack the story about the ‘Hunger Wolf’.

‘The hunger wolf eats little children who don’t eat their food’ said the doctor.

‘The hunger wolf can’t eat me!’ cried Jack.

‘Not if you eat your food’ said the doctor. ‘Go home and eat your lunch, and eat your dinner or the hunger wolf will come for you’.

Jack laughed. ‘You are so silly. There is no hunger wolf in Mato Grosso’.

‘You’ll see’ said the doctor. ‘I only pray he doesn’t eat you.’

Jack was only a little scared. He didn’t believe in the hunger wolf. ‘There is no such thing as a hunger wolf’ he thought.

When Jack went home that day, he still didn’t eat his dinner. ‘I’ll just drink some lemonade’ he said. ‘And eat a few biscuits.’

Jack’s mother was very worried. Jack went to bed early that night. He was feeling tired. He didn’t understand why he felt so tired today. He would usually read, play video games, and watch television until 10 O clock. But tonight he was exhausted. Jack landed in bed and soon fell asleep.

That night Jack had a horrible dream. He dreamed that he and his friends went into the woods to play. Suddenly his friends dissappeared and Jack was all alone. Jack ran around and around trying to find the path to this home, but he couldn’t. Jack was very scared. He heard a growl. He turned around and saw a big wolf, about ten times his size, snarling and baring its gigantic teeth. Jack started to run. He knew it was the hunger wolf. He was very afraid. Then his eyes popped open and he realized he was dreaming.

The next day Jack was just a little bit more scared than before. ‘Could the story of the hunger wolf be true?’ he wondered.

But that day, Jack still did not eat his breakfast. Jack drank a cup of tea and ate some M&M. ‘I am going to play with Bruno’ he said to his mother, as he walked out the door.

Just then the phone rang. Jack stopped. Maybe it was Bruno calling for him. Jack’s mother answered. ‘Hello, good morning’ she said. Jack looked at his mother hoping she would say ‘it’s Bruno’. But she didn’t. Instead he had a frightened look on her face.

The person on the other end said ‘I am the hunger wolf. I have heard that there is a little boy who doesn’t eat in your house…and it is my job to eat the little boys who don’t eat their meals!’

‘No!’ said Jack’s mother. ‘There is no little boy who doesn’t eat in this house. Please don’t eat my son’.

Jack was very curious. He ran and picked up the other extension of the phone. Was he hearing right? Was there really a hunger wolf?

‘I know there is a little boy who doesn’t eat in your house’ snarled the hunger wolf. ‘And if he still doesn’t eat, I’m coming to eat him!’

Jack was very terrified. There really was a hunger wolf.

‘How do you know that my little boy doesn’t eat?’ Jack’s mother asked the wolf, in a very worried voice.

‘I have my team of experts’ said the wolf. ‘My inspector bee was there, in your house. He saw everything. Don’t you remember the inspector bee which buzzed near to your ears and you tried to kill him?’

Jack started to tremble. He remembered two days ago a little bee flew near to him as he walked out the door.

Jack’s mother remembered too. Jack’s dad had tried to kill the bee, but the bee was too smart.

‘Please don’t eat my son’. Jack’s mother pleaded. ‘I promise I’ll make him eat!’

‘Today is your last chance!’ snarled the wolf, as he hung up the phone.

Jack’s mother turned around. She looked at Jack, they were both very frightened. Jack ran to hug his mother.

From that day on, Jack never missed a meal…and he grew stronger and stronger everyday. When Jack grew up, he was one of the best football players in the world.

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