The Little Boy Who Wouldn’t Read

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There was once a little boy who wouldn’t read. His mother was very worried. His father was very worried. His sister was very worried. They didn’t know what to do to make Jim read. They bought Jim many books. They bought Jim picture books. They bought Jim animal books. They bought Jim fairy books. They bought Jim books of trucks, books of planes, books of people, books of countries…. Jim had one room full of books, but Jim still wouldn’t read.

‘Reading makes no sense’, said Jim. ‘Why should I read?’

‘Reading makes you smarter’, said his mother.

‘Reading makes you more intelligent’, said his father.

‘Reading makes you able to do many fun things’, said his uncle, Gary, the engineer.

Still, Jim wouln’t read at all. He preferred to play baseball with his friends, watch television, and make castles with blocks.

Jim’s teacher called Jim’s mother one day. ‘I’m worried’ said the teacher. ‘Jim’s grades are getting worse and worse and he is not able to answer simple questions’.

‘That’s because you’re not reading Jim,’ said Jim’s mother softly.

‘I don’t have time to read.’ protested Jim. ‘Reading is not fun.’

‘Reading is fun,’ said Jim’s teacher. ‘When you become a good reader, only then you’ll know how fun reading is’.

Jim just didn’t believe. How could reading be fun? he thought to himself. How could sitting down and staring at a book be fun? Jim just didn’t get it.

‘Let’s go to Uncle Chris’ said Jim’s mother one day. Jim was very excited.

Uncle Chris was also very excited to see Jim. Uncle Chris was a car designer. He worked for the Ford Motor Company. He won many awards for designing beautiful cars. He won many awards for designing fast cars. He won many awards for designing safe cars. Uncle Chris showed Jim his awards and trophies. Then he said ‘I had to read many many books before I could design the first car. But luckily, I loved reading, because I used to read many story books when I was very little like you’.

Jim was inspired. He always wanted to be a car designer. He learned that the first step was to read many fun books.

When Jim got home he picked up the first book, a simple one. It was called ‘The Swan Princess’. It told the story of a princess who was turned by a witch into a swan and how the spell was broken. Jim was enchanted. He loved the story. He picked up a next book, and a next book, and a next book. Jim learned to love reading.

Jim’s teacher called Jim’s mother one day. ‘I don’t know what happened’ she exclaimed. ‘Jim has had the highest score in the class for two tests in a row!’

‘Wow’ said Jim’s mother. ‘I am so happy.’

Jim learned of people, places, animals and things through reading. He learned about the sea, the continents, the stars, the moon. He learned about the first car, the first aeroplane, and many other things.

Jim’s father was so excited. Jim’s sister was so happy. When Jim grew up he made his own brand of wristwatch. Jim had thousands of people in his wristwatch company. His wristwatches sold across all the world.

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May 4, 2015 7:33 pm

Very nice. Write more!