The Marketer’s Paradise

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The marketer’s paradise is a book by Patrick Carpen which lists a vast number of marketable items under their various categories such as foodstuff, kitchen items, fashion items, clothing, footwear, office products, construction material, educational, etc.

A list of brands, varieties, sizes etc are listed for each item. Manufurers, wholesalers, suppliers etc are listed for each item.

Should I make a list also of places where these items can be sold? Well, everywhere there are shops! Helpful tips on how to approach retailers is included and how to sell your products so as to be fair to both you and the buyer.

Advice on how to transport your products from one locality to the other – that is, from the supplier to the retail shops or supermarkets is included.

Should you buy your own truck? How to save cost on transportion. Should you build your own storage bonds? How to build healthy relationships with buyers and bargain for storage space free of charge. How to be a charming marketer.

Inside You’ll Find:

  • Brand name versus imitation: The Pros and Cons
  • How to start your business on a shoestring budget, with little or no loans or financing.
  • The Importance of starting small, growing gradually, and exploding into supernova success.
  • How to start your business part-time, while still working your day job.
  • How to boost your success with financing once your gained grounds.
  • A list of financing organizations would would be willing to give you a loan once you study the course and pass the test.
  • Should you start manufacturing?
  • How to spot the right manufacturing opportunity.
  • How to get complete financing and all equipment to start manufacturing, together with all labels, containers etc.

Current Status: In Progress – Draft Stage

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