The Silfians Are Immortal

This article was last updated on the 15th February, 2015 by Patrick Carpen.

The Silfians don’t die. They have mastered perpetuating cell renewing techniques, and with a simple injection administered at birth to every child, the cells on the Silfian’s body self-perpetuate to eternity. Aside from that, the Silfians are virtually impossible to die from accidents as their bodies, though outwardly soft as that of the humans, are as strong as steel and quickly repairs itself from damage–and is incapable of feeling pain. This is accomplished by another injection given to the Silfian child at birth which causes the body to be more elastic, and overwrite the pain-producing mechasism of the body to produce a thrilling sensation instead.

In rare cases where a silfian has drowned, their bodies simply fall into a coma and is preserved even after thousands of years. If someone finds them, they simply perform simple revival operations on the SILFIAN and the silfian returns to life. The silfian may then reunite with his or her other immortal silfian friends and relatives.

There was one case where a silfian space ship struck a meteor in space.The silfian was thrown into outer space, and not being able to breathe, fell into a state of coma, floating away in space. The silfian authorities used their intelligence to pinpoint the exact location, direction and speed of movement of the body and shoot out to space and recover it. This recovery operation took place one hundred years after the crash. Yet the silfian’s body was perfectly preserved upon recovery, and with a few simple medical procedures was brought back to life. The silfians don’t feel pain as humans do when they lack oxygen to the lungs; they simply feel a thrilling, drowsy sensation and fall into a coma.

While the silfian, through overwriting techniques, has succeeded in wiping out the pain sensations from the silfian bodies, this was no case of a double operation that also wiped out the pleasure sensation. In fact, with another injection given at birth, all pleasure sensations in the silfians have been multiplied by 100 times. In other words, the silfian’s pleasure sensations are 100 times stronger than those of their human counterparts.

In the case of the silfian drowning in the sea, no shark or other predator has been able to attack the silfian’s body because an injection given at birth insures that the silfian body, when in a coma, will give off a smell completely repulsive to all living flesh-feeding organism or microorganism, thus guaranteeing the preservation of the silfian.

There was one instance of a silfian being crushed by a meteorite. The silfian’s body disintegrated into micro-parts and wormed its way out from under the rock, then fitted itself back together.

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