The Humans Believe They Are Chosen

The humans have divided themselves up into different religions and races, and it appears that they humans like to think of themselves as the “chosen ones” of the supreme creator of the earth.

For example, the Torah, the religious book of the Jews, teaches that the Jews are “chosen” people of the earth. The Bible, the Christian religious book, teaches that the Christians are the chosen people whom God chose before the foundation of the earth to be his servants and the Koran, the Islamic book, teaches that God has handpicked each Muslim to be his servant.

Obviously, all of them cannot be the “chosen one” at the same time, so therefore, it stands to logic that 2 of the three religious groups are in error about being chosen.

The belief in being the chosen one has led to many inter-religious wars. As I write this article, there is ongoing conflict between Muslims and Jews who both believe that the Holy Land of Israel belongs to them.

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