What Could Separate Us Now?

When a person starts to grow in Christ, the devil will use all devices and vices to try to turn that person away from the Savior.

These will include “apparent contradictions” in the bible; scriptures that do not conform to the person’s understanding or agreement; painting a negative image of God or maligning the character of God; showing an illusion that God’s followers are losers in life; showing an illusion that the world without the church has so much more to offer…and much more.

But there is one weapon even more powerful that the devil will use to try to separate a believer from God: “Christians in the church.” In the book of Job, the bible tells us that when the “sons of God” came in to meet with God, the devil was also there! And he had come from “roaming all the earth.”

That’s right! The devil can present himself in God’s presence. And he often does this through certain “christian church members” whose sole purpose is to lead people away from Jesus: either by their lifestyles, words, or what they choose to do and not do.

There are agents of the devil in the church who lead people away by painting a negative image of the Christian faith by their actions. Then there are the judgemental ones who try to turn God’s children away Him by using the bible in the wrong way.

Children of God, stay away from such people. As Jesus said, “surely they have their reward.” And if they try to turn away from the gates of heaven, remember it is Jesus who is your savior, and the devil has no power over you.

God’s love for me was greater than my stubborness, therefore “what could separate us now?”

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