Thank God for Jesus

When I was in Brazil some time back, and my friend Jerry Mill and I were driving on the road, he just mentioned by the way how some parents lay a good foundation for their children, start them off with every asset and give them all the love in the world, while others do not have much to offer their kids, but show them true love from their hearts, and yet there are some who give their children neither love nor money “so what do these children have”?

And that’s an interesting question. What about the children who were born to “improper” parents and were left “in the wilderness”, so to speak?

Thank God for Jesus!

The truth is, Jesus levels the playing field. He stands at the door of every heart knocking, regardless of what family background you come from, hoping that you will open your heart so that He can come in and make you perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect.

He is ready and willing to clothe, feed and shelter every one of His children exponentially better than King Solomon in all his glory was fed, clothed and sheltered.

Whether we are rich or poor, black or white, whether we have loving parents or not, whatever our financial or educational background, without Jesus, we have nothing, and with Him, we have everything.

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