Coming in Direct Contact – The Power of God’s Presence

Last updated: February 25, 2019 at 14:08 pm

For some time, I had been pondering the effectiveness of prayer and the difference between praying in church versus elsewhere. Do we really need to go to church for God to hear and answer our prayers? Won’t God hear us if we pray in our homes, on the road, at work and everywhere else?

Indeed, there is no limit to God’s power and abilities, He can and does hear and answer prayers from everywhere. But why then is a prayer in church one hundred times more powerful than a prayer sent from anywhere else?

The answer came to me this morning while I was washing clothes. I had some beautiful white shirts that somehow got badly stained. So I decided to soak them down with bleach and soap power. The next day, 95% of those stains were faded out. But there were some stubborn ones, and I realized that these stains needed “direct contact” with the bleach to be removed. I placed the shirt on a smooth surface and poured a few drops of the bleach directly on the stain. In a few minutes, they were almost completely faded, and with a few rubs they were gone.

The bible tells us that “where two or three are gathered in the name of Jesus, there our Lord will be with us. ” Our prayers from anywhere go up to God. But when we are in church, we are in direct contact with God, and our prayers became 100 times more powerful.

This article expresses the views of the author (Patrick Carpen) at the time of writing.

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