The Rock

Last week, I told the story of “The Rock” in church. Brother Solomon mentioned that several online publications were reporting that there was a meteor heading to hit the earth. How true could this be? Let me rephrase that: how false that could be!

When you proceed to “click the link and read the story” you will learn that this rock is in fact many “light years” away from the earth, and the chance of it hitting earth are still “one in a billion.” Oh, but wait, maybe it might hit the earth when it passes back one trillion years from today! Newspapers have to sell themselves through captivating headlines! And online journals need “more clicks!” You get the point.

But there is one book that is being given to you for free which tells of the only Rock that will hit the earth. The name of this book is the bible. And the name of the Rock is Jesus.

In fact, this Rock had already hit the earth over 2000 years ago, and it is coming back to hit it once more!

The words of Jesus can be sometimes hard to follow, since they inherently contradict our natural sinful nature: love your enemies, be meek, be generous….

But when we follow the words of Jesus, we gain something greater than all the earth’s possession: we build our house on the Rock. And when the rains come, and the storms come, we shall not fall, but stand strong on the Rock.

This Rock, Jesus, has built His house, His holy church, against which the gates of hell shall not prevail.

Up Next: The Perfect Church.

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