God Threw Me Down

This article was last updated on the 16th of November, 2015 by Patrick Carpen.

I was around 14 years old at the time. I was riding my mountain cycle home from school. I needed to cross to the other side of the road, so I stopped pedaling and let the bike roll on its momentum.

The road was clear except for the big school bus coming in the distance from the direction I was facing. At that time, I was no expert in gauging speed of movement and distance of the upcoming vehicle. A part of my mind told me that the vehicle was coming fast and was too close and another part felt it was far away and I could cross safely.

I went back and forth with this mental struggle for a few seconds and then I decided to make a dash across the road. I turned the handle and stepped on the pedal. But something unexpected happened just then.

The front wheel hit a piece of brick that was lying at the side of the road. The wheel slid suddenly and I lost balance. I fell. I hit the ground. Just a few seconds after, I saw that bus fly past me.

A thought then crossed my mind. If I had crossed the road, if I hadn’t fallen, that bus would have most likely swept me away.

It was the first time I remember falling down in such a manner, by a brick at the side of the road, and also the last.

From that day, I vowed to be really careful about when and how I cross the road. And another thought crossed my mind. It occurred to me that some supernatural force was watching over me and protecting me from danger. Indeed, I believe it was God who saved my life.

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God threw me down, but He did it for a higher purpose. He did it to save my life and to protect me from harm.

Just this afternoon, I was a bit frustrated that something hadn’t gone the way I wished it would. It would appear that, metaphorically speaking, God threw me down. It was just when I started to ask “why Lord, I trusted You!” that I remember this story that happened over one decade ago.

It was then that I repented in my heart for questioning God. Indeed, I should have understood that if God threw me down in any area of life that He did it for my own good and protection.

“Thank you Lord for speaking to my heart, and most of all, for watching over me, protecting me and preserving me, even it it means throwing me down for a short while”.

I do not know how or when my life on earth will end, but I will remain eternally grateful for this wonderful act of God in preserving my life.

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