A Touching Movie

Last night, when I went to church, there wasn’t evening service as usual. For Easter, they were showing a movie.

In the age of Facebook, YouTube and smartphones, I haven’t really sat down to look at a movie in ages. I never really took the time to watch anything other than music videos, those short video clips on Facebook, etc.

So this movie scenario was sort of a jolt back to the good old days. I was a bit late. I walked in at the part of the movie where the little girl, tossing and turning in her bed one night, was screaming in pain. Her mother ran over in anguish trying to figure out what was wrong with her, but she couldn’t help.

The next day, the Doctor told her that Anna had developed an incurable disease which made it difficult for food to digest. He would prescribe a medication that would come with even more troubling side effects.

At the hospital, the little girl, Anna, said she prefered to die than to live this way, but her mother would do anything to save her.

But this whole incident caused fear and doubt in the mind of this woman. They were strong believers, so why did God let this happen to an “innocent child.” This was the question she asked the Pastor, who said he had no answer, but that he would to pray for the little girl.

One day, Anna and her friend were climbing a tree when she fell into the hollow of the tree – 30 feet deep. It took rescue workers over 3 hours to bring her out of the tree and her parents feared the worst. But their tears turned to joy when the rescue worked said, “she’s breathing.”

Miraculously, she wasn’t injured. And not only that, when she went to the hospital, her condition was gone. The doctors couldn’t explain it.

Her mother demanded an answer, “So Anna felt 30 feet into a hollow tree and didn’t break a bone but hit her head just right to cure her condition?”

The doctor had no answer. However, Anna related that after the fall, she lost consciousness and went up to heaven. There she spoke to God who told her that when she returned, everything will be OK.

It sounds like a fantastic story, and I don’t know how much of it is actually true. However, I do agree with one message of the movie: live life like every day is a miracle.

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