What Are Christians Good For?

This article was first published on the 5th of July, 2016 and last updated on the 5th of July, 2016 by Patrick Carpen.

People often have lots of negative things to say about Christians. One man wrote on Facebook “Christianity is the worst religion with the most hypocrites”.

I responded with my article entitled “Hypocrites in Christ”.

The other day, I was at Church. We sang and praised the Lord. We prayed. Then we prayed some more…and some more. The Pastor called on us to pray some more.

During my visit to several churches and had the similar experiences. Praying was the key to draw God’s attention.

In the book of Isaiah, God laments “I cannot bear your worthless assemblies.”

Prayer is good, no doubt. The Pastor of my church, Pastor Jenny is a very powerful woman with Prayer, and I’m speaking from first hand experience.
In the book of Acts, Peter writes “faith without works is dead”.

But what are the works of Christians? Many Christians, especially those who are recently converted, don’t really understand this.

In the book of Isaiah, God laments “I’m tired of all this sacrifice, and burnt offerings…I have no pleasure in them.”

In my article “The Lord is Angry”, I explained how God cried out to the people to feed the feed the hungry, take care of the widow and the orphan.

In the book of Matthew, Jesus wrote, “many will come to me and say “Lord, have we not performed miracles in your name”? but I will say “depart from me”.

Then he will say to others “I was sick and you visited me, naked and you clothed me?
When last have you gone to the poor, to the fatherless, to the widow? When was the last time you or your church visited the sick, or put food on the table of the widow? When was the last time you or your church helped those barely able to help themselves, as Jesus said “let your light shine, then men may see my glory through you?”

Brothers and sisters, when you do all these things, you invoke the mercies of God in your life, or as Jesus said, you do the will of “My Father who send Me”.

So many churches claim to be the one true church, and that all others are wrong, but as Jesus says “by their fruits shall You Know them.”

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