Jesus Held My Hand

“He came through the door. He walked that way. He touched someone over there, and then He touched someone over there. Then He came over to me. I saw the nail scars on His hands and on His feet. He held my hand and the pain left me.”

Since the advent of Christ, His death and resurrection, stories have been told of personal encounters with Him: stories of visions, miraculous healing and many more of the sort.

At the Assembly of God Church in Lethem, Rupununi, one evening, on the 28th of September, 2014, I had the honor of hearing a firsthand testimony of Jesus’ intervention into the live of one of His friends.

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A young man walked up to the stage to talk about his experience with the Lord. He related how he was an active participant in the church up to his teenage years, but went astray and “fell in love with the world of beer”.

Then one day he fell sick and the doctors were unable to diagnose his condition. He was brought to the church by members of the church, his body full of pain and barely able to walk. As he lay there for prayer, he said, Jesus walked through the door. He saw Him walk down the aisle and touched someone on the left side and then someone on the right side of the aisle.

Then he narrated that Jesus walked up to him and held his hand; and all the pain in his body went away. He stamped his foot on the ground. “I couldn’t do this yesterday!” he preached. He jumped and said “I couldn’t do this”.

But now he could jump and praise the Lord. He vowed from that day to live his life for Jesus forever, and thanked the Lord for saving him into His heavenly kingdom. Then he sang the song “No grave will hold me down when my Lord returns”.

Was the story fabricated?

Some skeptics may say that this story was made up. But what motive would this man have to make up such a story? He was once a man who denied the legitimacy of Christianity and had relinquished his faith in God. Now, he humbly admitted that he was wrong and turned back to God.

This is the story of millions of people worldwide. I was one such person.

Often, God will use all means possible to speak to our hearts, to demonstrate to us that He is there, waiting for us to come home to Him, willing to accept us back with loving arms open wide, and wipe away all our sins.

This young man probably felt so strong before he fell sick that he thought he was invincible. But often the enemy hits us where it hurts the most, and where we least expect him to strike.

My friend, if you ever find yourself in a situation you never expected you would be in; and out of which you think there is no path, reach out to Jesus today; let Him hold your hand.

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